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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How To Transfer Files From PC To PC Using WiFi

How To Transfer Files From PC To PC Using WiFi

Today, almost everybody is using a laptop or computer for a different purpose. Some time they need to share data each other. There are so many ways to share data, from one computer to another just like Pen drive, Lan cable. Pen drive is one of the most important devices to transfer data between two computers, but there is one problem that is you can't transfer large amount of data. Another way, just like Lan cable. Basically, the use of Lan cable is more in the office, banks, schools and colleges, here all computer or devices are connected with the same Lan cable and all time they are sharing data with each other, that's why Lan cable is one of the best ways to transfer data in this case. But suppose if you face such type of problem when you don't have any pen drive or Lan cable that time how will you transfer files from one computer to another.
          Today this is our main topic that how to transfer files from one pc to another using Wi-Fi, when we don't have pen drive or Lan cable.
          People use SHAREit, Airdroid such type of android application to transfer data from android device to computer, but if you want to do the same thing between two computers, is that possible? So, let's discuss.
Yes, it is possible. Luckily, if both computers are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then you can share your data between two computers. Now let me explain about some applications that can help you to easily transfer data between two computers.


SHAREit is one of the most popular sharing software. Generally, everyone used SHAREit app to share information on Android phones similarly you can share data between two pc through SHAREit.

How to Download and Install: -

There are so many sites in internet where you can get SHAREit but I'll suggest you that 'softonic' is the best site, from where you can download it. At first just open your browser and write "" in URL bar. After opening this site, you could see search box and just write SHAREit in search box,then enter. Download SHAREit from there.
        After completing the download just do double-click on SHAREit and then proceed step by step and fill out the information what they want.And at the end just click the finish button.
  Similarly, you have to install SHAREit in another Computer.

How to Share file: -

At first, open SHAREit application in both Computers and make sure both computers are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
Step 1. In computer-1, Click 'Connect to PC' on the top right corner menu
Step 2. Select the second computer from the list below
Step 3. Click 'Accept', in the popup you received in Computer-2
Now two computers are connected successfully, and you can share file to each other very easily. This application is developed by Lenovo.


Feem application is very easy to transfer files and this application is more than 50 times faster than Bluetooth. This application is supported for all major platforms just like Linux, Ios. This application has own personal Wi-Fi hotspot for sharing.

How to Share:-

Step 1.At first you have to lunch Feem application on all of your computer.
Step 2.Both computers should be connected with the same network.
Step 3.Your computer should automatically detect each other.
Step 4.Then you can easily share any file.

3.EaseUS Todo PCTrans

This application is very attractive and very useful because this application can transfer huge amount of data from one computer to another. People can use this application when they want to transfer huge amount of data from old computer to new computer.
    EaseUS Todo PCTrans allows users to transfer all type of data in three modes.
1.Via network Connection
2.transfer local applications
3.via an image file
and you can choose any one option according to your requirement.

How to use:-

Step 1. At first, just download this application from internet then you have to install and launch step by step.
Step 2.In one computer, there all pc will be show, and you have to select which PC you want to transfer data from.
Step 3.Just select what data you want to transfer and set the destination path where do you want to transfer.
Step 4.Next, Click "Transfer" button to transfer files from one computer to another.
EaseUS Todo PCTrans
EaseUS Todo PCTrans

I hope this information will be helpful for all person. And if you can't transfer data from one computer to another through those application, just write which problem are you facing below on the commend box. I will try to solve your problem.

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