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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Network

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Network 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Network

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A computer network is one of the most successful ways of sharing data. Here many people can join the same network together and they can communicate with each other. Nowadays, most people are using the network for different purposes, some are using it for commercial purposes and some are using non-commercial purposes. you know that network usage is increasing day by day. With the help of a network, we can learn everything from the Internet, as well as the network allowing us to discover new secrets about the universe.
 We know that everything has some good points as well as some bad points and today's main content is the advantages and disadvantages of computer networks.

 A. What are the Advantages of a computer network: -

1. People can easily share information : -

A few years ago, the only way of file sharing was hand to hand, but today it is very easy to share a small or large file in a few seconds. Today everyone is very busy, they do not have time to meet the friend or college to share the files with them, now if you have internet, you can send documents or files from any place. You can share your file in many ways   A. Emailing B. Text messaging c. Through cable D. Android application and social media also help us to share files.

2. People can learn everything from the internet : -

If you know how to use the internet, it will be very easy to learn whatever you want. Today you do not need a teacher, you can learn from the internet on your own. If you do not have money to take the tuition, so please don't think that this is your negative point because there are various educational websites, free online courses available on the internet so that you can learn from there. And today the most powerful teacher is YouTube, just write your question and you will get various answers to your questions.

3. People can communicate easily : -

It was not possible to communicate with many people at a time, but after coming to the Internet, you can now communicate with many people with the help of social media. You can chat, video calls even you can share files with anyone. If you work outside the country you cannot meet your family every day, but you can talk face to face with your family or friends 24*7 through the internet.

4. Low Expensive : -

Internet usage is very less expensive. For example, if you want to share your file from one country to another country so at first you have to go there and then you can send your file to another person which is very expensive. But with the help of the internet, you can easily share your files with less time and zero expensive. With the help of social media, you can contact many people at the same time. It is very expensive when you want to learn something from the institute, but with the help of the internet, you can learn the same thing at zero prices.

5. Huge storage capacity:-

A few years ago, there was no hard copy and there was no internet, so the information could not be kept safe because they could burn in the fire and even become stolen. But now the use of soft copy is very high and can be stored on the Internet very easy, there is no fear of burning the information in the fire and there is no fear of getting wet in rain so you can store information easily and securely. The most important thing is that there is no limit to the preservation of information.

B. What are the Disadvantages of a computer network: -

1. Computer networking can be addictive:-

Now we have seen that every person is using social media. Just like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. All are very busy using social media. Initially, children are very addicted to the Internet, so they forget that they have to study or do something else.
         Some people play gambling on the internet, which makes people addicted.

2. It is a bit complicated to use:-

Internet usage is a bit complicated for those people who don't know anything about the internet, but this is very easy for those people who know something about the internet. This is not too much complicated to use, but if you want to learn the use of the internet so every day you have to use your mobile or pc with the internet.
                The internet is something that you do not need to learn. If you start using the internet, the Internet will teach you how to use it.  

3. It is not always secure:-

When you want to store information on the Internet, at first you have to sign up as well as you have to submit everything about yourself. There are many hackers available in the market, who are always trying to hack your account. In this case, developers are trying to develop something new and trying to protect their product, but hackers are trying to steal data, so it's a big fight between developers and hackers.
If hackers get some important information about your account, So they can hack your account and you will lose your data.

4. Computer networks are not available everywhere:-

Today the internet is very important and it is very difficult to spend our lives without the internet. You know there are still some states where the internet is not available, so people cannot connect with the entire universe. They do not know what is going on in the universe, so this is a big problem for those people who are facing such a type of situation.

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