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Monday, October 1, 2018

300+ Java Interview Questions for Experienced

Java Interview Questions for Experienced

Java question for experience
Java Question For Experience

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51.What is thread in java?

a. thread is a light weight process. 
b. thread is a heavy weight process.
c. both a&b.
d. None of Above

52.How can we create thread in java?

a. By extending thread class
b. By implementing Runnable interface.
c. Both a&b    
d. None of Above

53.What are daemon threads?

a. Daemon threads are low-priority,which provide services to user threads.   
b. Daemon threads are high-priority,which provide the cleanup processing.
c. None of Above

54.Bellow which member belongs the java.lang package?

a. List 
b. Queue 
c. Stack 
d. Process.

55.Who implies 'HAS-A' relationship?

a. Inheritance 
b. Aggregation     
c. Polymorphism
d. Encapsulation

56.What is the bit size of 'int' in java?

a. 8
b. 16
c. 32   
d. 128.

57.Why we declare throw keyword in java?

a. Unchecked exceptions
b. Checked exceptions   
c. RuntimeException
d. None of Above

58.Full form of JAR in java?

a. Java ARchive.   
b. JAVA Architecture.
c. both a&b.
d. None of above.

59.Java Bytecode is?

a. Bytecode is the compiled code. 
b. known as the Java interpreter.
c. Set of programming statements.
d. None of above.

60.Which of the following is not a hexadecimal numbers in java?

a. 0x556.     
b. 0x1F223.
c. 999.
d. 0x1F2.

61.Which package is automatically imported to your program file in java?

a. java.lang     
b. java.util
d. None of above

62.Example of character stream?

a. DataInputStream
b. FileInputStream
c. BufferedInputStream
d. FileReader   

63.If ClassA extends ClassB so classA ia a?

a. ClassA is a Parent Class   
b. ClassB is a Parent Class 
c. ClassB is a subclass
d. ClassA is a Child class

64.How threads communicate with each other?

a. wait()
b. notify()
c. notifyAll() 
d. Above all   

65.Can we create non static variables in an interface?

a. Yes
b. No  

66.Can we declare interface as final?

a. Yes
b. No  

67.String belongs which of the following package?

a. package 
b. java.awt package 
c. java.util.package.
d. java.lang package  

68.Which of the following statement is wrong about a constructor in java?

a. A constructor can be declared abstract 
b. A constructor can be overloaded 
c. A default constructor takes no parameter
d. A constructor is used to initialize an object

69.Which of the following string function returns the number of characters in a string?

a. replace()
b. length()   
c. char()
d. None of the above

70.Which of the following pattern based on struts framework ?

a. MVC-based Pattern  
b. MVC2 Pattern   
c. MVC1 Pattern
d. None of the above

71.Which OOPS concept exposes only necessary information to the calling functions?

a. Encapsulation    
b. Aggregation
c. Encapsulation
d. None of Above

72.Below which statement stores date in database?

a. java.sql.DateTime  
b. java.util.Date
c. java.sql.Date   
d. java.util.DateTime

73.Can we overload static methods in java?

a. Yes   
b. No

74.Can you override static methods in java?

a. Yes
b. No    

75.How many types of JDBC drivers are available in java?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4   

76.Which of the following represents LocalTime ?

a. Date and Time  both
b. Time without Date    
c. Date without time
d. None of the above

77.Which operators helps to concatenates two strings.

a. --
b. ++
c. +   
d. +-

78.Base of BigDecimal data type?

a. 2
b. 8
c. 10   
d. None 

79.Which of the following function is used to convert 'String' to 'Number' in java program?

a. toString() 
b. conString()
c. valueOf()   
d. to Number()

80.A class can contain all behavior and properties of another class by the help of?

b. Polymorphism 

81.Which method cannot be overridden?

a. Final Method   
b. Static method
c. Final Variable
d. None of this

82.Full form of POJO?

a. Performance Old Java Object 
b. Plain Old Java Object  
c. Programming Optimize Java Object
d. None.

83.By the help of JVM you can run any compiled java program on which platform?

a. hardware   
b. java
c. program
d. None of the above

84.XML in java is a?

a. Platform Independent
b. Language Independent
c. Both A & B   
d. None of the this

85.JVM stands for?

a. Java Variable Machine
b. Java Verified Machine
c. Java Virtual Machine   
d. None of the above

86.Abstract classes can be nested?

a. Yes 
b. No

87.Which of the following method waits for a thread to die?

a. start()
b. terminate()
c. join()  
d. stop()

88.How many instances can be created for an abstract class?

a. Zero instances   
b. One instances
c. Two instances
d. Three instances

89.Can we start a thread twice in java?

a. Yes.  
b. No. 

90.Can we declare constructor as final? 

a. Yes.
b. No.

91.A try block should immediately be followed by one or more ______ blocks.

a. Throw 
b. Run 
c. Exit 
d. Catch 

92.can we write "final" and "abstract" keyword at a time?

a. yes
b. No 

93.What is the advantage of BigDecimal over double?

a. Precisionrecision   
b. Memory usage
c. Garbage creation
d. None 

94.Which keyword is used to force immediate termination of a loop in java?

a. Continue 
b. Terminate
c. Break   
d. None of the above

95.Can we declare local inner class as abstract?

a. yes 
b. No 

96.Can abstract method declaration include throws clause?

a. yes 
b. No 

97.thread to thread communication is called?

a. sending  
b. passing
c. calling
d. messaging   

98.Can we define abstract class without abstract method?

a. yes 
b. No 

99.Is it possible to declare abstract method as private?

a. yes
b. No 

100.Is it possible to declare abstract method as public ?

a. yes 
b. No 

[Ans:- 51.a   52.c   53.a   54.b   55.b   56.c   57.b   58.a   59.a   60.c   61.a   62.d   63.a   64.d   65.b   66.b   67.d   68.a   69.b   70.b   71.a   72.c   73.a   74.b   75.d   76.b   77.c   78.c   79.c   80.d   81.a   82.b   83.a   84.c   85.d   86.a   87.c   88.a   89.b   90.b   91.d   92.b   93.a   94.c   95.a   96.a   97.d   98.a   99.b   100.a  ]




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